100% Digital Classrooms
E-Class Features Interesting and Attractive Animations Grabs attention and helps retain what is heard. It is very user friendly and teacher friendly Helps schools for more enrollment Enhances the experience of classroom teaching through 2D and 3D content Teacher’s remote gives the teacher access to content and enables complete control. A recreation of the State Board Syllabus for Grade 01 to 10 in digital form Covers entire syllabus and chapter wise content, thus saving time Effective and Engaging.Syllabus Based Solution.The content has crisp voice over
Lawn football
Sports work as the foundation stone for a strong character. They help imbibe the ability to win honorably, to lose gracefully, to respect authority, to work as a team, to manage time and to stay disciplined. AIPS provides a varied range of indoor and outdoor sports like Lawn Football, Basketball, Swimming pool Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Karate and Yoga for students’ development, both physical and mental. All sports activities have the necessary playing space and equipments that make it an overwhelming experience.
A modern and appropriately staffed library is located in the academic complex.The growing collection of books and periodical subscriptions at our library help maintain the child’s interest in supplementary knowledge and reference work.The Achievers International Public School library has all what it takes to be a top notch. It has more than what a student will expect and to encourage reading habits among pupil, a wide range of books, magazines, journals are provided in the library.
Swimming pool
Swimming is useful to children in many ways. It not only strengthens the shoulder and thigh muscles, but also allows children to breathe deeply, and sustain breath under water for long periods of time. Realizing the importance of swimming for fun and as a sport, children are provided specific time slots and weekend slots for practice of swimming.In AIPS, swimming is conducted by trained coaches and is supervised carefully for the safety of each and every student involved in the activity.
Spoken English
What is Taught in the Spoken English classes?
In our spoken English Classes, students are generally exposed to the better world of communication. We understand that candidates coming from different background, don’t understand the real meaning behind communication. Here, in the Achievers world, the term communication doesn’t mean only talking fluently, but it means an art of explaining things in a good manner.
Our training is not just to improve a person’s communication but also his/her confidence levels. We feel that a person with low confidence will never be able to give the same impact that a person with good confidence. Hence under our communicative English Classes we cover grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation and much more with practical and activity based sessions of Role plays, group Discussions, Extempore, Debates, Games related to English and much more which improves both communication and confidence of our students
Why Spoken English is important?
At Achievers, we focus on the aura of class-room first, in which we obliterate the feeling of insecurity and shyness from the student and make such an atmosphere, where the feeling of English is all around that compels them to speak in English not ultimately but slowly and gradually.
Also, most importantly, the feeling and atmosphere of English is quite important rather than making the students to follow the monotonous and traditional way of studies.
Extempore– once, our students start imbibing the knowledge, we indulge them in the world of extempore, so that they can throw the hesitation of not speaking in English and they can actually speak better.
Pronunciation–one of the most important thing in English is the pronunciation of words to which most of the students are not able to do in the proper way. So, we always keep our eye on every student to assure that we see the substantial and consolidated platform building of pronunciation in them.
Personality development– exclusive of all, we also provide the personality development classes to our student to emanate them well in the atmosphere of English. Moreover, we also heed towards the sitting, hand movements, body language and related gestures, so that we can build the best candidates ready to face the competition.
Computer Laboratory
The AIPS campus is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Its information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience, e-resources and high speed internet connectivity are useful instruments for enlarging students overall knowledge and perspectives.
LAN:-The building wide computer network – Computer Lab, faculty rooms, Library, Administration and Section Office are connected to the WIFI, through high speed Routers.
INTERNET:-internet access can be well utilized by both the students, faculty, administrative officers and non-teaching.
It is believed that the infrastructure design of the school has a major influence on the students’ attitude, behaviour and learning. The school infrastructure provides an environment that is calm, engaging and responsive to each child at all stages of his or her development. The building is extremely spacious and colourful, offering an interactive learning environment that would help them to develop a relationship with their most loved preschool. The furniture has been curated keeping the safety of children in mind. The architecture is such that it attracts children towards the school, promotes activities and increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child friendly one.

Special care is taken to monitor and maintain - The furniture has been curated keeping the safety of children in mind. The architecture is such that it attracts children towards the school, promotes activities and increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child friendly one.
  • Right Lighting
  • Clean and comfortable air quality
  • Safety and security
  • Sound acoustics
  • Anthropological and social aspects of class rooms and transitional spaces
  • Sensory stimulation harmony through use of colourful patterns on walls and floors
  • Supervisable circulation spaces (such as hallways and corridors)
  • The RIGHT ENVIRONMENT helps in developing the child's ability to learn, communicate, trust, love, develop confidence and a positive self-esteem. Working on this approach to bring about the holistic development of the child, various development/activity centres have been created:
One of the most niche facility at Achiever's is the Intellectual Development Centre. Here, each and every aspect of a child's personality is honed - like basic intelligence, motor skills, logical thinking, problem solving, observation power and so on. Thrice in a week, the students are taken to the ID centre for a session with the teacher who helps them solve puzzles, build blocks, learn from flashcards and other self-designed teaching tools such as a hammer set, buttoning and zipping the joker, etc.
‘Play is the answer to how anything new comes about!’ Playgrounds are places where the children enjoy the freedom to imagine, learn and explore the world at their own pace. Our colourful play area has been designed keeping in mind all the safety measures. Special emphasis has been laid on the play courses which allow the toddlers to run, jump, hide and enjoy the outdoors. The swings,slides, see-saw and other fun toys also enhance the gross and fine motor skills of the little ones.
Little is known about the effect that computer technology can have over a young mind. The children of this 21st century are simply ‘born for it’! The computer lab equips the Prideens with the latest technology and learn about how to use the computer by clicking, dragging and revising diverse concepts. The student to computer ratio is 1:10, while the LCD monitors are easier to the eyes, generate less heat and consume less power thereby keeping the atmosphere of the lab comfortable for the children.
When the summer season is in full swing, our Prideens enjoy being cool by their very own pool of love! They take a dip in the water and also enjoy rain dance parties with special arrangements such as rain fountain, swings, slides and balls. The splash pool at Achiever's is designed as a wading pool that ensures child-safety and simultaneously develops in them, love for water and swimming.
For working parents, this facility is a bliss. Our safe transportation through cabs and buses offer doorstep pick and drop facility. The drivers are police verified and each cab has a helper staff to take care of the children and their requirements. Parents are informed when their child boards the bus or cab so that they can stay anxiety free. The vehicles are cleaned regularly to ensure hygiene and safety of the children