To lay a solid foundation among the children, meaning learning is extremely pivotal in today’s time. A scientifically designed systematic learning process will ultimately provide a strong foundation of knowledge catering to all developmental stages of the toddlers. Many researches by experts across the world suggest that integrating a particular subject matter across different content areas, such as language, math and science, engages the whole brain through active and hands-on involvement.

This is why, we at Achiever's International actively follow the Thematic learning approach. Under Theme based learning, we set a theme for the month which the children can relate to in the real world. Themes help us to intertwine the different methodologies which make the learning experience interesting and meaningful for them. Rather than teaching each skill or topic in isolation we take up a special theme that acts as an umbrella of a larger topic under which all major aspects of academics are covered. It gives the teachers the flexibility to follow the interests of the students and mould their teaching styles accordingly.

Teaching with themes also addresses the fact that children learn best through play, active exploration of their environment, and thoughtfully planned activities in each term. Our team of experts have build themes for every grade based on the interests of little learners, while teaching age appropriate skills. Achiever's International has also ensured that all the themes:
  • are stimulating, meaningful and fun-filled.
  • support free play and exploration through books, dramatization, puzzles, outdoor activities, etc.
  • nurture the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of childhood.
  • promote children’s knowledge and skills.